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Logbook Service 

Service prices start from $199. Each service includes: 

- Oil filter and sump plug washer replacement 

- Oil change

- Fluid levels check 

- Full mechanical checkover

- Diagnostic scan 

If your car is due another service item, for example transmission service or brake fluid flush, we can add them on but we won't proceed with anything without discussing with you first. 

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Brake Service 

For our brake services we use ATE brakes and offer optional ceramic pads for better performance and reduced dust. 

When applicable, every rear brake pad replacement includes a hand brake adjustment. 

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Mechanical Repairs 

Our workshop in Ashmore is well equipped to accomodate a range of repairs. We are transparent in everything we perform and take the time to explain you the essence of the repair. Our most often performed repairs are: 

- Oil leak eliminations

- Engine fault detections and eliminations

- Suspension repairs

- Clutch replacement

- Timing & drive-belt replacements

- Major engine repairs

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Custom Upgrades and New Fittings

Do you have some special request with your own supplied item? Call us for a chat and we can discuss your ideas. 

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We check you battery health for free. We replace and supply your new battery and recycle your old battery. We reset your systems after battery replacement and do diagnostic scan when replacing your battery. 

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Pre-Purchase Checkover 

Buy your new car with confidence and bring your can in for pre purchase checkover, that includes: 

- Full mechanical checkover

- Diagnostic scan and report 

- Road test 

- Honest assessment about the condition of the car